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Transitional Aftercare
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Why Integrative Aftercare?
The ability to maintain long-term recovery is an area of concern for many people who have been in the seemingly endless cycle of addiction, and having access to a professional support team and recovery community is vital to successful sobriety. 
Our one-of-a-kind holistic recovery community provides a one to 12-month non-12-step space to seed, grow, and cultivate new habits and life skills. Our program emphasizes developing a sense of responsible autonomy through practices that enable one to self-author and create their own experience in life rather than clinging to the old paradigm, wrong and harmful idea of "once an addict, always an addict".  In our highly-effective program, individuals are offered support in creating a solid and sustainable recovery plan and implementing an active purpose-filled life. We have several different live-in options available to meet different needs and budgets (see below). 
Our recovery community is located in the heart of Austin, Texas in an upscale area in walking distance to Zilker Park and Barton Springs Natural Pool. We are a short walk to green belt access as well, which is a beautiful stretch of wildnerness, natural swimming holes, and hike and bike trails spanning Austin from North to South. We are located on a public transportation route for the convenience of our clients who, due to various reasons, may not be able to obtain a driver's license. 

Austin's thriving economy is the perfect place for individuals in recovery to recreate life on a new slate. Austin's combination of affordability, job availability, and cultural value has earned it the position of 2018's "best place to live in the US" by CNBC, which we at Root Recovery and those who have completed our program and remained here can attest to. 

***IMPORTANT NOTE*** Root Recovery is an "at will program" and thus we only accept individuals with a strong desire to learn to create a healthy fulfilling life after addiction. We are very selective and only accept applicants that are a strong fit for our program and have a high probability of success. This program is not a good fit for individuals with low motivation or who are being coerced into treatment. We are not a traditional "treatment" facility nor do we operate as a rehab model. We offer an alternative transitional aftercare community model that enables people in recovery to create a lifestyle that will support  sustainable recovery. Personal autonomy is upheld as a high value in our community. In order to determine if you or your loved one is a good fit for our program, we do require screening and an interview (either in person or video conference) to evaluate "fit."
Living an Active, Purpose-filled Life
"The body keeps the score" ~ Bessel Van der Kolk

The cornerstone of our philosphy at Root Recovery is to replace old thinking and behavioral patterns that reinforce addiction with a new mindset and behaviors that connect one to their inner truth. By engaging with nature and addressing trauma, one can truly heal the root of addiction, and from this place... new and healthy patterns can form. 

While it's important to change thinking patterns, one must also address the damage done to the body by chronic substance use. A healthy vibrant physical being is vital to healing one's connection to oneself. Addiction degrades both the body and the mind, and by healing the physical body, the foundation is built to support healing of the emotional and cognitive bodies as well. We take advantage of Austin area natural resources and have fun. While we do talk about addiction, the real focus is on connection, to other people and the environment, and also to oneself. 
Services Available
-> Cryotherapy (This is included in the first month only, thereafter is it an optional add-on for a small fee.)

-> Sweat lodge

-> SMART recovery meetings

-> 1:1 recovery coaching 

-> Group Recovery Coaching

-> Integration work with a licensed psychotherapist

-> Addiction Protocol Acupuncture

-> TownLake YMCA membership

-> Vocational support (25-40 hour per week job required after the first 4 weeks of transitional living) 

-> Ecstatic dance

-> Integral practices that help dissolve the perceived divide between bond, body and spirit 
1:1 Recovery Coaching 
Our recovery coaching model is both trauma and addiction informed and is most effective when used as part of a comprehensive plan that includes appropriate social supports and practicing new lifestyle skills, which we provide at Root Recovery. 

Lindsey has adapted her method of recovery coaching to integration work, thus making meaning of the experience. She also teaches how to tap into the intelligence of the body to move out traumatic or otherwise charged content that may be contributing to the urge to use. She integrates her experience as a kundalini yoga instructor and an integration psychotherapist into her approach, which gives a holistic flavor to her work. 

Ray's style of coaching reflects the key concepts of SMART Recovery, which is CBT based. He is very skilled at helping individuals to identify and stay focused on their personal motivation for change and recovery.
SMART Recovery 
SMART Recovery (Self Management And Recovery Training) is a non-12 step recovery model that helps individuals gain independence from addiction. It is based on cognitive behavioral science and evolves as scientific knowledge evolves.

The Smart Recovery model offers specific tools and techniques for each of the program points:

Point 1: Building and Maintaining Motivation
Point 2: Coping with Urges
Point 3: Managing Thoughts, Feelings and Behaviors
Point 4: Living a Balanced Life

At Root Recovery, we attend a weekly community SMART meeting and are trained facilitators as well. 
Cryotherapy is a natural pain reduction remedy. It is a great way to get a natural rush and relieve pain without relying on medication. This treatment is chemical-free and all natural. Cryotherapy treatment uses only cold nitrogen gas. When you stand in the cryotherapy chamber, this gas surrounds your body for three minutes. After that, you can exit the chamber with less pain or no pain at all. The cold slows down nerve pain signals, which is responsible for this pain relief.
Acudetox (acuppuncture)
Individuals who are treated with acudetox often report an improved sense of well-being. Clients often state that they feel “energized,” “lighter” and “more relaxed” after undergoing a session. Dozens of studies have documented the effectiveness of acudetox. Among the benefits reported by patients and health care providers are: improved retention in drug treatment programs; more optimistic attitudes about detoxification and recovery; reductions in cravings and anxiety; fewer episodes of sleep disturbance; and reduced need for pharmaceuticals.
Sweat Lodge 
Sweat lodge ceremonies are about more than just sweating — they’re purification rituals used for a broad range of purposes, depending on the culture and the occasion. Most sweat lodge ceremonies practiced today are associated with Native American cultures, who use these ceremonies to give thanks, to heal, to seek wisdom, and to purify the mind, body, and soul.

At Root Recovery, we are members of a Lakota Sweat Lodge community in South Central Austin. The sweats take place alternating Friday and Saturday nights and occasionally skip a week. They are wonderful for purifying both the body, mind, and soul and for seeding new intentions in your life. 
Ecstatic Dance 
Ecstatic Dance empowers people of all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds to freely express themselves; the liberating atmosphere creates a melting pot of acceptance and the fearlessness to heal your body and mind from the constraints of years of drug use and/or trauma. It takes place in an intentional safe space that gives each individual permission and courage to dance without inhibition without talking, drinking and the nightclub vibe. This is about getting great exercise, freeing your mind and body, and connecting with yourself and others in vibrant health.
Lindsey Slater, Founder, M.Ed., LPC, CPTR, EMDR, KAP
Hi, my name is Lindsey and I have very extensive experience in working with addiction and trauma. My modalities include an overall trauma informed/harm-reduction orientation with a focus on the mind-body connection. I have been a fully licensed psychotherapist since 2006 and have a background in working with individual's, couples, and families in the arena of private practice, community based treatment, detox, and residential treatment. Seeing the deficits in the mental health and substance abuse system led me to find alternative integral approaches and therapies that truly heal, rather than simply diagnose and treat symptoms, which is the idea that Root Recovery was founded upon. It is my passion and calling to create and bring effective alternative healing methods to individual's struggling with addiction and/or mental health issues. 

In addition to my long standing licensure, I hold a certificate from the California Institute of Integral Studies in Psychedelic Assisted Therapy and Research. I also work as a ketamine psychotherapist at a local psychiatric clinic and am working to bring MDMA assisted psychotherapy for PTSD to Texas pending FDA approval of the MAPS expanded access protocol, which is expected to be approved by late 2019. I also hold a certification as a ketamine assisted psychotherapist. This treatment is available as an add-on to aftercare for those wanting to dive deep into the root issues underlying their addiction and/or for those who have underlying depression or other mental health issues. 

I am also a certified SMART Recovery facilitator and a KRI certified Kundalini Yoga instructor. This type of yoga is an ideal support in the recovery process due to its emphasis on daily commitment to practice (even if for as little as 3 minutes), as well as its holistic approach to living. There are many gifts embedded in this wonderful tradition and it's my passion to share them with others on their recovery path. 

Ray Rodriguez, Recovery Coach and Mentor
Hi, my name is Ray and I beat a 20 year opiate addiction and am going strong into my 5th year of recovery. My shift happened when I learned to love myself through self-care and living a purpose-filled life. I realized that being clean isn't enough, and I found ways to channel my creativity and passion through cross fit, yoga, healthy diet, getting outdoors, and opening my mind to social and spiritual support. 

I understand the void feeling that is so often at the core of addiction and I would like to reassure you there is hope. Today my life is filled with joy, happiness, and balance and I am now giving back what I have received. I revel in my healing everyday and am honored to step alongside others in their path of recovery. 
Financing Your Investment Into Sustainable Recovery 
Clearly a relapse can be very costly. An investment into aftercare and transitional living "extends the runway" so that you have the time you need to stabilize your recovery and build the new skills and lifestyle necessary for long-term recovery success. 

We will work with you to help you determine the best investment for you or your loved one based on needs, risks, financial resources and so on. 

While we have several options we are happy to discuss with you to determine the best way to finance your recovery investment, one of the best options we have is a partnership we have established with M-Lend Financial, a company that has been financing medical expenses, especially recovery from addiction (for a wide range of credit ratings) for twenty years. Their services may provide you a welcome "bridge financing vehicle," until other long term debt arrangements can be made.  

M-Lend Financial's 12-month zero interest financing is generally a better option than some of the other "same as cash" lending programs. With M-LEND FINANCIAL, interest is only charged on a go forward basis on the remaining balance only and typically ranges from 10.9% to 18.9%. They also provide fixed interest installment loans for various credit tiers with terms up to 84 months. 

To learn more, or to apply please visit their website at: M-LEND FINANCIAL   Or call: 1-888-474-6231
"Root recovery has played a huge part in my life and my recovery. I would not be doing so well in my recovery if it wasn’t for Lindsey and Ray. Their combined knowledge on recovery and therapy makes them an amazing team. I was made to feel at home, and I not only gained great wisdom from them, but I also made life long friends. They care about people and it shows in the things they do. The EMDR therapy was the other half of the recovery process (after my alternative detox) and if it wasn’t for the integration coaching, I wouldn’t have known what to do with the wisdom/knowledge that my alternative detox gave me. Lindsey and Ray are THE BEST at what they do. I’m so thankful for them and for Root Recovery. I can’t say enough good things about them. Thank you, Root Recovery, for helping me realize my potential and for showing me that a great life in recovery is possible." 

~ QH, Virginia

"I have seen miracles happen at Root Recovery. It has been amazing seeing the change in people and their recovery process from being here. I can't recommend this place enough!" 

~ JF, Texas

"After my alternative detox experience I had no idea where to go or what to do, but I did know going back to my old environment was not an option. Root Recovery gave me time to create a new lifestyle, build up my tools and a supportive community to provide a base for an amazing recovery and also reconnect with nature and myself on a very deep level. If you want to hear the full story check out my video testimonial on the website (should be up soon) or feel free to send me a message on here." 

~ JL, California 

"I love this place and the people who work here. Ray and Linsey played A huge part in my recovery and I don’t think I could have done it without them. I miss the morning smoothies, the smart meetings, the ymca membership, sweat lodges, swimming under waterfalls, and all the beautiful time in nature I was able to enjoy. We had privacy and were given trust that most other places don’t freely give out. I owe my sobriety towards this place and the people here and made beautiful friendships with beautiful souls. I was able to learn how to live again. Thank you for everything. I highly recommend 10/10." ~ KB, Colorado 

"Root Recovery is the real deal. Here's my story: I'd been researching alternative detox and the aftercare process several months ago as I prepped for my alternative detox treatment in Mexico. I wasn't in an active addiction, but a family member who was struggling with addiction was considering coming with me, and my research showed me that a solid aftercare program of 4-6 weeks was super important for someone who had recently been immersed in a world of addiction. It was simply too dangerous and risky to work with an alternative detox and then go straight back into the old environment. Thankfully, I found Root Recovery through a recommendation from Rob Oka Bussinger and as soon as I spoke with Lindsey, I was intrigued and excited about the program she's developed. I was super impressed with her years of experience as a psychotherapist and trauma / addiction expert as well as her decision to create a place for aftercare. The techniques she's using, as well as the overall program run by her and her Ray, have been like a dream - so much of what I feel is important in a treatment program as opposed to mainstream rehab programs which have been disappointing for so many of my friends and family.

After many discussions over a period of months about my family member's potential visit, things suddenly changed, and that family member backed out. Then within a couple months, it turned out that my own son asked to get treatment for addiction. I knew from my research, that this meant a solid aftercare program, and Lindsey was there to talk me through this sudden development.

Root Recovery has been exactly what my son needed in his transition from narcotics to life after his alternative detox. The first thing Lindsey did was take him to circling where he could begin to integrate into a healthier community, experience safety in a group setting, and find acceptance and connection with people who aren't using. I couldn't imagine him going there, but he went, and he loved it! I actually cried when I got a text from Lindsey that he was happily participating in this type of activity. Amazing. After that, things just continued to go uphill. He participated in Smart Recovery meetings, 1:1 trauma informed recovery coaching, daily workouts, kayaking, breath work, yoga, and ecstatic dance during his 6-week stay. He seemed to be enjoying himself and enjoying his time with Lindsey and Ray. There were challenges as well, a sudden need for my son to undergo surgery and some unexpected family events, but Lindsey and Ray supported him through these moments on the fly with grace and compassion.

It's been interesting and exciting to see my son involved in all these positive activities - getting an idea of what life can be like after drugs. In my eyes, building this kind of foundation is crucial to instill new habits and routines, as well as getting a glimpse of what's possible in life while moving away from the limited existence of using and homelessness. These new experiences make a huge difference, as they can be absorbed into the new physiology that's happening after his detox. So cool.

I've seen the smirk and joy on my son's face and the light in his eyes for the first time in years as he opened up and embraced unfamiliar activities. Lindsey guided us in family sessions over Zoom video, to help us rebuild our communication patterns and create a new relationship as mother and son. Ray has been a mentor and friend to my son, and I can tell they've been having a lot of fun while going deep with this important work. I've received the gift of watching my son transform and learn effective tools to help him continue his growth after treatment.

Lindsey and Ray create a super nice balance of joyful experiences mixed in with deep and vulnerable learning moments, social opportunities and time for introspection. I'm feeling so blessed that my son has had this opportunity and give so much credit to his program at Root Recovery for opening up his perspective on life. I'm excited to see how he moves forward with his new tools and I'm also excited to see how the program grows and develops over time. I will be including interviews with Lindsey and Ray in the documentation of my research with alternative detox, addiction, and aftercare that I continue to work on. I definitely recommend Root Recovery as a solid aftercare program!" 

~ SL, Washington 

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